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Offered Curriculums

College of Medicine

  • Health Care Professional to MBBS/MD Degrees
    • Graduate Entry to MD
    • NP to MD
    • AP to MD
    • DC to MD
    • PA to MD
    • Medical Assistant to MD
    • DO to MD
    • DMD to MD
    • PharmD to MD
    • DPM to MD
    • PT to MD
  • Specialty Programs
    • NP to DNP
    • AP to OMD/DOM
    • PhD, Specialist in Medicine
    • ScD, Specialist in Experimental Medicine
    • PhD, Specialist in Experimental Medicine

College of Education

  • Graduate Degrees
    • MS
    • MSc
    • ScD
    • PhD
    • EdD
    • DpH
    • MpH
    • MeD
  • Undergraduate Degrees
    • BS
    • BSc
    • BeD

Einstein Institute

  • Biomedical Science
    • MS
    • PhD
    • MD
  • Biomedical Engineering
    • MS
    • PhD
  • R&D Management
    • MS
    • PhD
  • Engineering Systems Design
    • MS
    • PhD



Recent News

Congratulations Class of 2014

USAT is proud to announce our 11th Annual Graduation, the class of 2014! The photographer's website can be located at : B4 or After Hours Photos' Smugmug page. Please come visit our graduation gallery




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Mission Statement

To provide Medical and Graduate study programs presented in a humanistic manner, embracing high standards of excellence and professionalism that are incumbent for such programs to succeed. We believe that these attributes are necessary if we are to train the "Leaders of Tomorrow". Inspiring our doctrines, are those physicians that have been showcased in the "100 Best Doctors of America" Physicians.

Those who have won this prestigious award did so by achieving distinguished notoriety based on their dedication and professionalism, evident within each of them.

Many of these physicians emerged victoriously from humble beginnings, or from various nations, regardless of race, gender, cultural, or religious grounding. Others advanced independently from their professional specialty, disciplines, hospital affiliations, or from the Institutions where they received their medical training.

We have created a program of superior excellence, training physicians to meet the demands of scientific and medical needs in a global technological environment. To accomplish this objective, we strive to provide any dedicated student, who adheres to diligent study, with a reasonable opportunity to achieve their desired success.



We believe in the pursuit of excellence in education, research, patient care, community service with integrity, ethical behavior and respect for all and everyone.

We value humanism and compassion for all people without distinction of age, race, sex, national origin, belief, or ethnicity.

We are committed to working cooperatively and collaboratively with our students, teachers, staff, and community who make invaluable contributions to our institution and the development of our mission and vision every single day of their lives.

In all respects of University life we will foster higher values such as sincerity, integrity, professionalism, honesty, collegiality, and the free expression and open minded exchange of ideas within the high standards that make this a vibrant and living institution.

Lifelong learning, this is USAT.



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