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Offered Curriculums

College of Medicine

  • Health Care Professional to MBBS/MD Degrees
    • Graduate Entry to MD
    • NP to MD
    • AP to MD
    • DC to MD
    • PA to MD
    • Medical Assistant to MD
    • DO to MD
    • DMD to MD
    • PharmD to MD
    • DPM to MD
    • PT to MD
  • Specialty Programs
    • NP to DNP
    • AP to OMD/DOM
    • PhD, Specialist in Medicine
    • ScD, Specialist in Experimental Medicine
    • PhD, Specialist in Experimental Medicine

College of Education

  • Graduate Degrees
    • MS
    • MSc
    • ScD
    • PhD
    • EdD
    • DpH
    • MpH
    • MeD
  • Undergraduate Degrees
    • BS
    • BSc
    • BeD

Einstein Institute

  • Biomedical Science
    • MS
    • PhD
    • MD
  • Biomedical Engineering
    • MS
    • PhD
  • R&D Management
    • MS
    • PhD
  • Engineering Systems Design
    • MS
    • PhD



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Congratulations Class of 2014

USAT is proud to announce our 11th Annual Graduation, the class of 2014! The photographer's website can be located at : B4 or After Hours Photos' Smugmug page. Please come visit our graduation gallery




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Admission Requirements

Language Requirements

All Applicants must be sufficiently proficient in the English Language. Non-native English speaking applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency by submitting TOEFL or IELTS scores for evaluation by the University upon application.

Pre-Medical Sciences

Before a student can be admitted into the University of Science, Arts, and Technology, Montserrat's Graduate Entry Program, the following basic science courses or the equivalent must be completed to equal a minimum of 75 credit hours.

  • Human Biology/Biological Science
  • Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic*
  • English Composition
  • Social Sciences (Sociology, Psychology)
  • Mathematics to Pre-Calculus
  • Computer Sciences
  • Physics, General or Applied
  • Medical Terminology
  • Introductory Nutrition
  • Integrated Biomedical Laboratory
  • Electives totaling 12 credit hours

*If these credits are ten years old, or older, they are nontransferable. USAT will offer these courses to approved applicants if needed

All Prerequisite courses are reviewed for adequacy on an individual, case by case basis. Individual courses or modules in which the final grade earned was less than a 2.0 (C minus) or the equivalent in the educational system taken may not be considered as having met the prerequisite qualification, and must be repeated as a corequisite or where so indicated prior to final matriculation.

GPA Requirements

The University of Science, Arts and Technology, Montserrat requires applicants to have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA from all previous educational Institutions. If an applicant requests an inquiry based on a low GPA, they may contact the University directly and request an individual evaluation. they may also be required to take a competency exam.

The University of Science, Arts and Technology, Montserrat reserves the right to require any applicant to take a competency exam based on their transcripts or educational background.

Application Documentation

All Prospective students are required to submit the following documentation to the University of Science, Arts, and Technology, Montserrat in full before being considered by the admissions committee:

  • USAT Application, located Here
  • USAT Student Enrollment Agreement, please refer to the Online Application
  • Official Transcripts from all prior educational Institutions*
  • A recent Police/Background report, 12 months or less
  • Two letters of Recommendation from a superior of colleague
  • A complete, updated Immunization Record
  • A copy of the face pages of the applicant's passport**
  • The Application fee of $125.00 (USD)

*Unofficial Transcripts may be initially submitted to be considered by the admissions committee; however official transcripts must be submitted within 6 weeks of acceptance to the University.
**The Name on the Application must match the name on the passport

Transfer Students

Students applying to the University transferring from any IMED or AVICENNA listed school, accredited college of medicine or osteopathic medicine, or the equivalent will have their transcripts evaluated on an individual basis. The University reserves the right to decline transfer credits of grade "C" or lower, or those credits obtained through online coursework or other sources that have not been validated by these institutions. Students normally transfer previously completed coursework into the appropriate level of the preclinical program and continue their medical study toward completion of the program.