USAT Campuses

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Offered Curriculums

College of Medicine

  • Health Care Professional to MBBS/MD Degrees
    • Graduate Entry to MD
    • NP to MD
    • AP to MD
    • DC to MD
    • PA to MD
    • Medical Assistant to MD
    • DO to MD
    • DMD to MD
    • PharmD to MD
    • DPM to MD
    • PT to MD
  • Specialty Programs
    • NP to DNP
    • AP to OMD/DOM
    • PhD, Specialist in Medicine
    • ScD, Specialist in Experimental Medicine
    • PhD, Specialist in Experimental Medicine

College of Education

  • Graduate Degrees
    • MS
    • MSc
    • ScD
    • PhD
    • EdD
    • DpH
    • MpH
    • MeD
  • Undergraduate Degrees
    • BS
    • BSc
    • BeD

Einstein Institute

  • Biomedical Science
    • MS
    • PhD
    • MD
  • Biomedical Engineering
    • MS
    • PhD
  • R&D Management
    • MS
    • PhD
  • Engineering Systems Design
    • MS
    • PhD



Recent News

Congratulations Class of 2014

USAT is proud to announce our 11th Annual Graduation, the class of 2014! The photographer's website can be located at : B4 or After Hours Photos' Smugmug page. Please come visit our graduation gallery




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Montserrat, USAT's Main Campus

Our University is located in Olveston, Montserrat. With plans for future expansion, the Campus presently consists of 9 buildings. There are abundantly adorned tropical garden paths defining the natural attributes of our campus.

It is not surprising that we have as leaders in valuable Science endeavors, become the first to have taken the initiative to implement an eco-friendly "green" Caribbean University. Our back up power generation plant has been recently configured with a self-sufficient solar system; fully capable of supporting the majority of the University energy requirements.

Until modern development our University site was one of the largest historic estates present in Montserrat, having been previously owned by a major US company.

Housing accommodations, eateries, and public transportation are readily available. In addition, we have opportunities for our students to enjoy social activities.

We are situated along the Westerly side of Montserrat at the heart of Calypso country. There are absolutely spectacular views of the nearby western Caribbean sea. The Central mountains gracefully slope towards the eastern views. Overlooking the southern end a boastful lush tropical rain forest, with unique flora and animal life lends to the charming mystique of our historic Campus with its abundant natural amenities. From all sides we are eloquently embraced with picturesque beauty.

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Regional Administration and Examination Centers

The University of Science, Arts, and Technology, Montserrat is proud to offer satellite testing centers for our students' convenience. Each satellite testing center offers opportunity for computer assisted curriculum examination. The satellite locations alternate throughout the month and location for the convenience of our students. Students will receive the same excellence in faculty and comprehensive reviews and examinations at all three locations. We encourage prospective students to come visit an orientation lecture and meet the staff at the satellite location of their choice before embarking on a journey to the Emerald Island of the Caribbean.

Please Contact Us for dates, times, and addresses.